Mixed Craft Beer [6 Pack]


Beer, glorious beer!

The B&B team have been busy curating this fun 6 packs of delights! It is like the slab deal… but smaller.

Choosing a great array of ales, it is the perfect beer o’clock conversation starter.

We think it could go a little something like this…

Old mate: “Oooh what beer are you drinking there?”

You: “Well, I was an absolute legend and supported a small Geelong business, and in return, they sent me this little tasty number.”

Old Mate: “Oh yeah, nice! Can I try one?”

You: “Absolutely not!  We are in the middle of a pandemic and I can’t pass you my beer through the screen. We are on Zoom! BUT you can order your own via the Bottles & Barrels website”

-The End-